Odessa is the forge of seafarers

Odessa is a leading marine educational center. There are Odessa State Marine Academy (1944), Odessa State Marine University, which was found in 1930, and the number of high marine professional schools where many marine professions can be occupied.

Odessa State Marine University

Established in 1930, it is the only institution in Ukraine and CIS (Commonwealth of Independance States) countries that trains shorebased specialists for water transport. During the years of its existence over 30000 specialists were trained for CIS countries and over 1200 - for 69 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. At the moment over 4000 students including 100 foreign students get education at the University.

Tuition is held at 7 faculties on 10 specialties. At 28 departments of the University there work 28 academicians and associate members, 46 professors and doctors, 152 associate professors, candidates of sciences.

The University has a research and technical library that has over 700 thousand volumes of books and possesses a unique selection of books in the University's specialists.

The students have an opportunity to get practical training at enterprises such as shipping companies, ship-repair and ship-building yards, sea and rivers trade ports of Odessa, Yuzny, Ilyichevsk, Izmail, Reni and also at other enterprises of marine and river transport of Ukraine. University also has its quay at the Black Sea Yachting Club that moors 20 University cruiser yachts.

Odessa State Marine Academy

Odessa State Marine Academy is one of the leading centers of high marine education in the world, which since 1944 is preparing high-qualified specialists of seafarers for sea, river, fishing fleet and various marine transport companies.

The graduating students of OSMA are successfully working on different leading positions in Ukraine, in countries of UIC and 45 foreign countries.

The graduating students get knowledge and diploma, which allow them to work on leading positions on the ships of any shipping company of the world.

Also the level of preparation of graduating students fits the demands of IMO and STCW-code 95.

The resources of Odessa Trade Marine Port allow future seafarers to improve their knowledge and habits in practice.

Special Marine Schools

Besides, there are many Marine Colleges where engineers, navigators, radio specialists, motormen, seamen and electricians.

There is also a High Vocational School where waiters, stewards, barmen and cooks are studying. The students obtain fundamental knowledge of serving structure, and have a good practice there before working on passenger cruise liners.

So we can really call Odessa the forge of seafarers, it is the only place in Ukraine and also in UIC that has such a number of unique Marine establishments.

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